How to Plan Your Dream Sanctuary

Where to Start? Function first

Bathrooms are where you start your day, think of them as your workstation so functionality is a must. When selecting the plumbing fixtures, placement of storage and outlets; keep in mind how everything will logically function to help you start your day.

Make It Your Sanctuary

Besides functionality, bathrooms are a sanctuary.  Create a space that is your own personal oasis to unwind and wash away the stress from the day.

Plan Your Space

Walk through your daily routine with your architect. They will guide you on placement of plumbing fixtures such as shower, tub and water closet. Think about how many sinks you want, storage needs etc. By walking through your routine, you can create a space that is efficient and feels natural in your routine.

Lighting Makes All The Difference

Carefully choose the lighting for the area where you start your day. Think about task lighting in areas such as the sink and shower. Other things to consider are what areas will have mirrors and how will the lighting interact with them.

Luxuries – Yes Please

It is your space, add those luxuries that make it special for you. Whether it is heated floors, a bench in the shower, steam shower or even a tv. Including something extraordinary, makes the space even more enjoyable.

Go With Your Favorite Style

Your architect will assist you and give you guidance in choosing a style. This space gives you a chance to reflect an area you love, a style that you are drawn to or even a particular architecture style.

We’ve helped our clients create their own dream sanctuary, reflecting their favorite style and all the luxuries.