All projects undertaken by Frasier-Martis Architects are organized in the same way--either Mr. Frasier or Mr. Martis acts as project manager on each project, with one other architect acting as project architect, producing all drawings and specifications under the project manager’s direction. All meetings with the clients include the project manager, and most often include the project architect. This insures that there is always one person available to the client and/or contractor to answer questions that arise at any phase of the project, from design to punch list.

The project manager and project architect are both actively involved and available to the owner, contractor and subcontractors throughout the entire project. We will not undertake a project where drawings are turned over to an owner or contractor at the completion of contract documents.

The firm’s professional reputation is based upon the finished project and is the only advertising for the firm’s work. The teamwork between owner, contractors, consultants and architect during each project and the client's satisfaction at its completion are firmly established goals in all projects undertaken by Frasier-Martis Architects. We feel the best results are achieved when all team members work together for the ultimate satisfaction of the owner.

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